This day in age almost everything is Fair Trade, or Farm Direct, but if you are especially conscious about being sustainable which type of coffee is the most sustainable? This short documentary tells you which to buy and a few places as to where.

By Rosalie Anne Cabison I dance for the same reason I need to write: There is a story to tell and it’s the best way I can tell it. I don’t consider myself an artist when it comes to dance, but moving to music is therapeutic to me in the same way as writing in […]

By Ashley Roe This year’s Bumbershoot lineup is stacked with several high-profile Seattle rap artists who will be showcasing their work for their hometown crowd. The following profiles dive into the background of these rap artists and groups by looking into how they view the Seattle rap scene, how they define success, and more. The […]

by Martha Tesema The Bullitt Foundation is a prime example of another community group that, like SSF, has taken ahold of the sustainability reigns and become a pioneer in it’s own right. In April 2013, the non-profit focused on promoting awareness of environmental issues, opened the doors to the Bullitt Center in Capitol Hill. The 6-floor development […]

by Martha Tesema Nestled in the tall buildings and exhaust filled air of Seattle are a couple Starbucks, some banks and a few non-profits. Out of the many organizations that deal with critical issues relevant to Seattlites and beyond, Sustainable Style Foundation (SSF) tackles the giant issue of sustainability in unique way. “We formed as […]

By Peter Sacotte Here’s a quick fly-by of some of the popular Capitol Hill watering holes with illustrations of what makes them horrible. Von Trapp’s Vonn Trapp’s enormous selection of delightful beer better be what brought you here. Their huge tap contains many are German-style beers, but they have a few Belgian and other styles […]

By Auria Horne It’s been almost four years since I’ve moved to Capitol Hill to work on my degree at Seattle University. Over the years I’ve grown to love the community and the eclectic, open minded group of people that are in it. It definitely holds a stronger personality than the suburbs I grew up […]

Nobody likes an unwelcome houseguest. They are noisy, they overeat, and are an overall nuisance. The Seattle Streetcar project is fast becoming the International District’s unwelcome houseguest. But instead of being noisy and over eating, it has caused overall frustration, confusion, and concerns for the future. The three current Seattle Streetcar projects underway are the […]

By Rosalie Anne Cabison If you are meant to do something, you will do it. This is the thought that popped into my head as I watched Ezra Dickinson stretch plastic wrap with words printed on it between trees in front of the U.S. courthouse. I immersed myself into the culture of 12th Avenue’s Velocity […]

By Ashley Roe Many Seattle rap artists are set to take the local stages and perform their artistry this summer. To make sure you don’t miss any of the action, below is a calendar comprised of the must-see Seattle summer rap concerts: Friday, June 14: Don’t Talk To The Cops! The duo of Bruce Illest […]