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The Time Has Come for Capitol Hill’s Art Scene to Embrace Growth

By Auria Horne It’s been almost four years since I’ve moved to Capitol Hill to work on my degree at Seattle University. Over the years I’ve grown to love the community and the eclectic, open minded group of people that are in it. It definitely holds a stronger personality than the suburbs I grew up […]

Capitol Hill Housing: Now Serving a Community Center for The Arts

 By Auria Horne It goes without saying that city life isn’t cheap. Dealing with pricey parking, expensive groceries, and higher rent can take a toll on our wallets. Seattle certainly isn’t exempt from this. In fact, it’s not only the city with the highest cost of living in Washington, but according to its cost of […]

As Told By…Greg Carter on the Development of the 12th AVE Arts Project

By Auria Horne This excerpt is from an interview with Greg Carter, found of Strawberry Theatre Workshop, on the development of the new 12th Avenue Arts project. He explains how the project came to be, and how Strawberry Theatre Workshop, New Century Theatre, and Washington Ensemble Theatre will be using the new theater space it […]

Nomads No More: New Century Theatre Finds Home in 12th Ave Arts

By Auria Horne        The New Century Theatre Company (NCTC) has made itself known as a traveling theater group. “We’re very nomadic” said Jamie Herlich, NCTC’s managing director. Yet despite their frequent shift from place to place, they’ve been able to provide Seattle with annual plays that Herlich says “test moral issues and make […]

ArtPlace & the Integration of the Arts

 By Auria Horne  With the aid of six of the country’s largest banks and thirteen national and regional foundations, ArtPlace is working towards helping cities prioritize creative placemaking. From its beginning in 2010, ArtPlace has set its sights on encouraging urban transformation through a strong integration of the arts in communities. But why the arts? […]