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Why I Hate American Bars – The Photo Edition

By Peter Sacotte Here’s a quick fly-by of some of the popular Capitol Hill watering holes with illustrations of what makes them horrible. Von Trapp’s Vonn Trapp’s enormous selection of delightful beer better be what brought you here. Their huge tap contains many are German-style beers, but they have a few Belgian and other styles […]

I Don’t Need A Gimmick to Get Drunk. But You Do

By Peter Sacotte “I’m going to get drunk; it’s too expensive to do all your drinking at the bars,” my friend John said. “I’m absolutely going to get drunk before I go out to make sure I don’t have to spend as much money. The only other reason to go out is if the bar […]

Von Trapp’s Is Just As Annoying As Its Customers

By Peter Sacotte The cavernous space that is Von Trapp‘s beer hall intimidates the hell out of me. In the hope of finding a comfortable and decidedly more European space for enjoying my beer – one that recalls the miserable hours spent in St Andrews’ the Raisin, where I enjoyed my first pint of piss-in-a-can […]

Why I Hate American Bars

By Peter Sacotte There’s music playing. The noise is killing my brain cells, I know it. Whoever owns this place has the volume at 11 to project over the cacophony of a million demons screaming simultaneously. One of these demons (the bartender) just walked past me again; my anger is probably killing brain cells, too. […]