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Dance is telling a story

By Rosalie Anne Cabison I dance for the same reason I need to write: There is a story to tell and it’s the best way I can tell it. I don’t consider myself an artist when it comes to dance, but moving to music is therapeutic to me in the same way as writing in […]

Do what feels right and never look back

By Rosalie Anne Cabison If you are meant to do something, you will do it. This is the thought that popped into my head as I watched Ezra Dickinson stretch plastic wrap with words printed on it between trees in front of the U.S. courthouse. I immersed myself into the culture of 12th Avenue’s Velocity […]

The YC’s Kate Wallich: “A dancer is someone who dedicates their life to movement research”

By Rosalie Anne Cabison Before asking other people about their ideas of dancers, it would only be fair to outline my own definition. Dancer (n.) – A person who treats dance as a discipline and dedicates time to technical and creative expansion in the art of dance. I don’t call myself a dancer because there […]

Ezra Dickinson Dances a Duet with Seattle

By Rosalie Anne Cabison On the 800 block of Stewart St. in downtown Seattle, people gathered around a sandwich board advertising Ezra Dickinson’s performance of ‘Mother for you I made this.’ No theater, no seats, only an assortment of Seattleites wearing headphones on a sidewalk. Something unique was about to happen. ‘Mother for you I […]

Who Are You and What Do You Do?

By Rosalie Anne Cabison “Are you a dancer?” The answer is a simple yes or no, except it isn’t that simple for me. There is a strong amount of evidence that points to yes: I enjoy dancing, I appreciate the art of dance, I’ve choreographed group dance pieces, I am currently the president of a […]