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Seattle Streetcar: Fast becoming the unwelcome guest in the International District

Nobody likes an unwelcome houseguest. They are noisy, they overeat, and are an overall nuisance. The Seattle Streetcar project is fast becoming the International District’s unwelcome houseguest. But instead of being noisy and over eating, it has caused overall frustration, confusion, and concerns for the future. The three current Seattle Streetcar projects underway are the […]

Seattle Streetcar hopes to bring business to the International District. But at what cost?

By Padma Nolt From behind the counter, Thanh Ncueyen taps his fingers and paces back and forth waiting for the noontime rush to come. It is the second weekend the city has closed off car access to 12th avenue and Jackson. Leaving it very difficult for customers to get to Seattle Deli, the small standing […]

Will Seattle Lose Its Charm?

By Padma Nolt I moved to Seattle just over a year and a half ago into an 88 year old brick building in Belltown. What attracted me to the city was the rich culture. No matter where you go in the city the history and sense of community is everywhere. Wandering past art galleries, coffee shops, […]

Streetcar vs. Seattle Deli: Small Businesses Threatened By Construction

By Padma Nolt Nestled between the edge of Capitol Hill and the beginning of the International District sits an unassuming plaster white building. Wander past the hair salon, vision clinic, and a ‘For Lease’ sign to the very end and you cannot ignore the inviting smell of fresh veggies and rice sweets that lead the […]