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Storefronts on a Mission to Fill the ID’s ‘Missing Teeth’

By Kellie Cox Rian Robison designed and made her first scarves on a coffee table. Now, those scarves line the walls and hang from the ceiling of a former acupuncture clinic in Seattle’s International District. After college, Robison forsook her coffee table studio and moved into an active art space in Fremont. Although the Fremont […]

The YC’s Kate Wallich: “A dancer is someone who dedicates their life to movement research”

By Rosalie Anne Cabison Before asking other people about their ideas of dancers, it would only be fair to outline my own definition. Dancer (n.) – A person who treats dance as a discipline and dedicates time to technical and creative expansion in the art of dance. I don’t call myself a dancer because there […]

Japantown: The ID’s High-End Art Retail Sector

By Kellie Cox Outside of the old Higo Ten Cent Store building, a new plaque is nailed on the wall facing Jackson Street. Erected by KOBO gallery owner John Bisbee, the plaque ensures that visitors know exactly what pocket of the ID they’ve stepped into—Japantown. The International District’s ethnic delineations are becoming clearer, as are […]

Ezra Dickinson Dances a Duet with Seattle

By Rosalie Anne Cabison On the 800 block of Stewart St. in downtown Seattle, people gathered around a sandwich board advertising Ezra Dickinson’s performance of ‘Mother for you I made this.’ No theater, no seats, only an assortment of Seattleites wearing headphones on a sidewalk. Something unique was about to happen. ‘Mother for you I […]

How the International District Became Seattle’s Secret Art Hub

By Kellie Cox While his employees make banh mi behind him, Tom Dang prefers to stand in front of the Sub Sand counter. Wearing a stained apron and hovering near the cash register, Dang, the owner of the Vietnamese sandwich shop, chats up each customer like a lifelong friend. He knows most by name and […]