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Q & A With Priscilla of Hegedus Style

By Martha Tesema Priscilla Hegedus is the founder of Hegedus Style, an international small business based in Amsterdam who advocates for sustainable style globally. I asked her a few questions in order to shed light on some parts of the world of eco-friendly fashion. What exactly does eco-fashion mean? There isn’t an official definition referred to nomenclatures and standards […]

Eco-Fashion and You: What you wear is more than an expression of style

Look at the coffee cup you are holding. If it’s from Seattle University, then chances are you can compost it. If it’s from the Starbucks down the street, then you most likely will throw that in the recycling. Now, avert your eyes to the t-shirt that you have on. You can’t compost that–but that doesn’t […]

Thrift & Flip: Sustainability Online

By Martha Tesema Sustainability is a loaded word. It has become a word used to describe the intertwining aspects of all things “green” and has been ingrained in the Seattle culture. By definition, sustainability means the ability “to be maintained at a certain rate or level.” Wikipedia refers to it as “the capacity to endure.” […]